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Store Scene

24. nov - 7. jan
From 6 years
Fri - Sat: 155 - 350 kr
Tues-Thurs: 115 - 310 kr

Children seats: 60 kr
Prices inc. transaktion fee
To be announced


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 

Welcome to the magical story about the fariyland Narnia. 

Imagination runs wild when the four siblings Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy move into a mysterious English manour. During a game of hide-and-seek they accidentally discover the entrance to Narnia through a wardrobe and together they enter a magical world of talking animals, dwarfs, giants and forrest deities. 

Narnia is ruled by the evil, white witch. Casting a spell upon the land, she has covered it in a 100 year long winter. Together with the mysterious and mighty lion Aslan and his army, the four children fight to break the witchs spell and power. A brutal fight for the right to live in freedom ensues. 

A magical journey for the whole family

The play is based on the treasured book by C.S. Lewis. It is a classic adventure about the fight between good and evil. 

The play is performed in Danish, but fans of the book will be able to follow the action. 

Author C.S. Lewis / Translated by Hanna Lützen / Dramaturgy by Glyn Robbins / Director Frede Gulbrandsen / Set- and Costume design Camilla Bjørnvad / Composer Klaus Risager / Puppetry Karin Ørum / Lighting design Anders Kjems / Sound design Lars Gaarde 

Cast Mette Døssing, Jacob Madsen Kvols, Anne Plauborg, Bue Wandahl, Christian Hetland, Anders Baggesen, Mikkel Becker Hilgart, Matias Hedegaard Andersen, Hanne Windfeld, Klaus Risager, Clara Ellegaard*, Alexander Krumhausen*, Johannes Zois*

*Students at Den Danske Scenekunstskole, Aarhus