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13. - 14. dec
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The vampire revolution

Visit from The Royal Danish dance company Corpus 

The ice is melting, wars rage, the world is rotting and the vampires are bored.

Their lives are empty and meaningless, like the people they drain of blood and life. Man, this whining and pitiful creature merely talks and talks, unable to change. But now the vampires want something else. They want to get away from the clichés, the apathy, the constant consumerism. They want another body. 

The vampires confront the meaningless and start a revolution.  

”The Vampire Revolution” is  performed by Corpus, a new dance company at The Royal Danish Ballet consisting of 6 dancers in search of a new, radical and uncompromising physicality. 

Corpus has previously played Aarhus Teater with "I Føling" dealing with Danish military presence in Afghanistan and "Uropa" detailing the refugee crisis.


Director Christian Lollike / Choreography Tim Matiakis / Set Design Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz / Cast dancers from Corpus