Event location


17. jan — 16. feb
The performance is in English
Mon – Sat: 95 kr.
U/25 and students (Mon-Thurs): 60 kr.
Duration TBA

Untz - untz -untz

A techno-rave bombing your senses

"Untz, untz, untz, untz, untz, untz, untz, untz …”

The sound of a pulsing technobeat and the sound of a raver losing control in the cut of the strobe light on the dancefloor. Join us on a fascinating exploration of the techno-rave-culture. Surrender to a powerful exposition of body and disapperance, light and dark, still and movement, organic and exposed existence. 

”UNTZ - UNTZ - UNTZ” is a neoncoloured painting, where dance is pushed to the outer limits of the physical. The performance is created by Fors Works a.k.a. Martin Forsberg. 

Martin is an internationally acclaimed choreographer, known for his hypermodern dance performances pushing the meaning of time and place, rules and breaking them. 

In this perfomance will be a single dancer on a set designed by the resident set designer at Aarhus Teater, David Gehrt. 

Please note! The performance is in English

CHOREOGRAPHY Martin Forsberg SET DESIGN David Gehrt SOUND DESIGN Mitja Nylund PERFORMER Nastia Ivanova