Book a tour of Aarhus Teater

Please note: due to renovations of the theatre guided tours are suspended in summer and fall of 2018. 

Select Saturdays throughout the year we offer public tours and a chance to check out every nook and cranny of the theater. 

A guide will take you through the history of the house, the architecture and and decorations. And we leave no stone unturned as you visit not only the stages of perfomance, but also the workshops, the propmasters basement etc. 

No sign-up necessary

The tour starts at the steps of the theatres main entrance on Teatergaden at 9.30 and lasts app. 90 minutes. 
Entrance fee of 60 DKK

Tours are perfomed in respect to the artistic processes. There may be rehersals or works in progress, which means we cannot guarantee a visit to all sets and workshops. 

Please note tours are in Danish only. English guided tours must be booked in advance.

Larger groups can book a tour on select days. 
The price is 50 DKK per attendant or a minimum fee of 1000 DKK. Students are charged 40 DKK per attendant or a minimum fee of 800 DKK

Book a group tour at or phone 7021 3021